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Each person over 18 must complete an application, provide a photo ID and must be represented on the lease.
If a person wishes to be added to the lease after its been signed:
• He or she must complete an application
   ○ Must successfully undergo a background check
   ○ Must successfully undergo a credit check
   ○ Must be added to the lease and will assume responsibilities of the lease
• Pets are allowed, with prior approval and the additional costs.
   ○ Additional $175 nonrefundable security deposit
   ○ Additional $35/month added to the rent
• Utilities are not provided, each renter must transfer the utilities to their name with 7 days of signing the lease.
• All terms and conditions are detailed in the lease and the Non Standard Rental Provisions documents signed at time the lease is initiated, please reference these documents for additional     details and specifics.
• Rent is due on the 1st of each month unless the lease specifies otherwise. Visit for online payments.
• 60 day written notice will be required prior to moving out unless other arrangements have been made.

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